Conference Poster

IVSA 2015 Conference Poster


Weather in Tinos

During the Conference the weather in Tinos is expected to be nice, with clear sky and with acceptable temperature between 80 and 82 F (26-27 C), and with only a breeze.


In the evening it will be a bit chilly, so get a jacket with you

IVSA2015 supporters

Two important organisations of the local community in Tinos are supporting the forthcoming IVSA 2015 Annual Conferece:

  • The Regional Authority of Southern Aegean
  • Tinos Festival 2015

Presidential Travel Grant

This year the IVSA will award travel grants to cover expenses related to travel to the 2015 annual meeting at Tinos island.

This is not a research merit award. The awards are to defray costs from those who are under-funded and traveling great distances. We are able to offer a total of $10,000 in grants, in amounts of either $500 or $1,000.

Payment will be made in Paypal, to be paid to the recipient. If you are awarded a grant you will receive the Grant at the 2015 IVSA conference.

To be eligible applicants need to:

  • Have already completed their registration for IVSA 2015;
  • Be presenting in one of the conference sessions (as author or co-author);
  • People associated with Universities (faculty and students) should present, along with the form, a letter signed by the chair of their department confirming that they are not receiving fundings. In case they are receiving fundings (from any source) they should indicate exactly how much;
  • All applicants, in order to be eligible, must have a paypal account, since that will be our form or payment, which will be effective only at the end of the conference.

If interested, please download and email the completed IVSA 2015 Presidential Travel Grant Application by May 20, 2015 to: